Electrical Substation

Meet C.E. Testing, Inc.

Crews Electrical Testing, Inc. is a company specializing in low and medium voltage electrical equipment. We specialize in commissioning and preventative maintenance testing for universities, hospitals, military bases, major office buildings, and industrial sites.

The company was started in 2002 by Nat Crews. With his experience in the industry, the company has grown in size and in clientele each year. By careful hiring, our staff claims extensive experience. The main target area is Florida, but the southeastern part of the United States can be serviced.

Crews Electrical Testing, Inc. has a wide variety of test equipment which allows almost any test to be performed. Our staff is dedicated to completing all projects in a timely and safe manner.



  • System Studies

    Short circuit, Protective Device Coordination, Power Flow, Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Analysis, Load Surveys, Voltage Analysis, Stability Studies, Power Quality Analysis

  • Failure Analysis

    Probable and/or Root Cause, Expert Testimony, Preventative and/or Corrective Measures

  • Distribution and Circuit Protective Systems

    Operation and Maintenance Procedure Development, Maintenance and Renewal Parts Manual Updates, Design of Switchgear “add-on’s” and Modifications, and much more


  • Inspection

    Complete start up inspection and testing from power plant and high voltage substations to instrument calibration

  • Substations

    Acceptance testing of medium and high voltage substations, maintenance inspections, testing and repair of substation circuit breakers, and transformers, and protective relaying

  • Circuit Breakers

    High voltage breaker testing including SF6 circuit breakers and maintenance service and testing of low and medium voltage circuit breakers